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Tattoo Grip Tape Cover - 6pcs Disposable Bandage wrap for Tattoo Handle Grip

Tattoo Magic Bandage For Tattoo Magic Grip Tape Cover For Tattoo Tubes Tattoo Grip. The use of special materials, not sticky, non-slip, shock-absorbing elastic.


  • Self-Adhesive tapes sticks to itself, not skin or gloves
  • Porous, lightweight and comfortable for artists grip
  • Reduces vibration and give tattoo grip a softer cushion
  • No sticky residue on polished steel grips or surfaces
  • Non woven tattoo tape is easily torn without scissors
  • Wrap more tattoo grip tape to increase grip width

Technical Specifications:

  • Use for: Tattoo Machine grip cover
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Shape: Roll
  • Material: Non Woven Fabric