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Apollo SMP Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine by Microbeau

Apollo SMP Machine is best for Permanent Makeup Art. Enjoy flawless scalp micropigmentation procedures using the Microbeau Apollo SMP Tattoo Machine. This machine has an ergonomic design that is specifically beneficial for SMP procedures. Weighted toward the front of the machine and featuring a 2.3mm stroke length, the Apollo SMP delivers accurate pigment implantation without any blowouts. This machine also features a mini DC connector, which makes it lighter overall, offsetting the balance of the forward-leaning weight.

The Apollo SMP Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine is available in 4 different colors - Stealth, Rose Gold, Gold and Golden Tiger.

Key Features:

  • Custom Mini DC Connector and lightweight cable for optimal consistency
  • Powerful and Compact motor for unstoppable performance
  • Ergonomically designed body for comfortable grip
  • Weighted toward the front
  • Stabilizer rings for smooth adjustment
  • Grip is autoclave-safe; regulates needle protrusion
  • Compatible with most cartridge needles
  • Made in USA
  • Apollo SMP Machine is designed and manufactured by Microbeau

Technical Specifications:

  • Stroke Length: 2.3mm; delivers accurate pigment implantation
  • Machine Weight: 3.75oz
  • Machine Type - Rotary Machine

Product Manual:

The Apollo SMP Tattoo Machine User Manual contains all the technical specifications and features of the machine.

Download the Apollo SMP Tattoo Machine User Manual (PDF)