Brand: Maser

Product Code: PU-PS-MASR-MTS400

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Maser MTS-400 Excellent LED Touch Display Tattoo Power Supply

MTS400's has excellent touch Pad buttons. don't require any physical pressure to activate, they are finely tuned to work flawlessly through barrier controls, even while wearing medical gloves The MTS400's vertical orientation and narrow profile puts more emphasis on the buttons and less on the display Made from a sticky silicone material, the gumshoe sticky foot ensures the MTS400 stays stuck to hard surfaces like counter tops and work carts - even when you bump it or tug on a cord. The MTS400 includes both momentary and maintained footswitch modes. The MTS400 includes four preset channels for saving the voltage settings of your favorite machines

This listing is for Maser MTS400 Touch Display Power Supply.

Key Features:

  • MTS400's has excellent touch Pad buttons
  • High quality latest design and light weight
  • Made from a sticky silicone material

Technical Specifications:

    • Size: 1oz
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Maser
    • Product Type: Power Supply
    • Dimensions: 6.8*2.8*5.6"
    • Output: 1.5-18V, 2A