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Intenze Power Grey Tattoo Ink Set 1 oz
  • Intenze is proud to partner with two of the world's greatest up and coming artists, Marco Klose and Angelina Mengel, to create the Power Grey Set.
  • This set is specifically formulated by Marco and Angelina to be everything you. l need to create perfection in the skin.
  • The warm and cool greys are perfect for creating depth and detail in any skin type.
  • It will serve to elevate your work and always leave you with a satisfied client.
  • This Set contains 8 Bottles of 1 Oz.
  • Intenze Power Grey Tattoo Ink set Includes Colors:
    • Power Grey Set - Retro (1oz)
    • Power Grey Set - Graphit (1oz)
    • Power Grey Set - Nosta White (1oz)
    • Power Grey Set - Lamp White (1oz)
    • Power Grey Set - Grandpa Grey (1oz)
    • Power Grey Set - Slate (1oz)
    • Power Grey Set - Coal (1oz)
    • Power Grey Set - Special Shading Solution (1oz)