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  • Boris from Hungary is one of the most respected tattoo artists across the globe. Much like Mario Barth (the creator of Intenze Ink), Boris learned that he could not find tattoo ink to keep up with the advanced work he was tearing through. Therefore, he had to create out of necessity and create he did. 
  • This is a signature series of color tattoo inks that he came up with Intenze as a collaborator.
  • This Set contains 19 Bottles of 1 Oz.
  • This Tattoo Ink color set includes nineteen colors formulated to fit your needs, which includes:
    • Bright Sunshine, In The Spring, Eggshell
    • Maroon Honey, Rubber Doll, Maroon
    • Sangria, Persian Red, Bark Brown
    • Bulls Blood, Red Cloud, Kakao
    • Flower Child, Liliom, Monacle
    • Swimming Pool, Ocean, Aqua
    • Aquarium