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  • In collaboration with Intenze, Bob Tyrrell has progressed a step further and formulated a black and grey pigment series to help provide the tools for other artists to reach his level of clarity, realism, value, and contrast.
  • Bob Tyrrell special edition black & grey tattoo ink box set.
  • Bob Tyrrell knows that working with the right values leads to infinite possibilities.It's how he's redefined portrait work.
  • Armed with his signature black and grey set, you'll have the tools you need to blend, contrast, and create work that captures life with detail and clarity.
  • Bob Tyrrell's Black and Grey Set gives you everything you need to take your work to a higher level.
  • This Set contains 6 Bottles of 1 Oz.
  • It Include five 1 oz bottles of black and grey and one 1 oz bottle of high white ink.
  • Learn to tattoo like black and grey master Bob Tyrrell with this set!
  • Watch full tutorial video below and discover how Bob Tyrrell achieves his brilliant style with the set.