Brand: Intenze

Product Code: INK-IS-ITZ-ERTH-TON-CS-1

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Out of stock
  • This set does not need much explanation. It is a must in every artistics color line.
  • The Earth Tones set is very unique, distinctive and hard to remix.
  • This specific set has been long awaited and trialed by the tattoo industries best.
  • This color line plays an essential role in the era of color portraits. Almost all of the Earth Tone colors are used as the base and foundation to create those tattoos.
  • This Set contains 10 Bottles of 1 Oz.
  • Intenze 10 Earth Tone Color Tattoo Ink Set Includes: 
    • Desert Sand Light tattoo ink
    • Desert Sand Medium tattoo ink
    • Desert Sand Dark tattoo ink
    • Ochre tattoo ink
    • Auburn tattoo ink
    • Milk Chocolate tattoo ink
    • Rusty Brown tattoo ink
    • Army Green tattoo ink
    • Earth tattoo ink
    • Mud Green tattoo ink