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LightningBolt Battery Pack by FK Irons

  • Its time to cut the cord. Welcome to the Wireless Revolution!

  • With the LightingBolt your favorite tattoo machine just became wireless. Thats right! Your favorite tattoo machine just got a lot better.

  • The LightingBolt is not only a tattoo battery pack, but a Bluetooth enabled power controller that is truly the future of tattooing.

  • We know the feeling of our arm hurting mid-tattoo, having to stretch, only to lose focus and not concentrate on our craft.

  • The best tattoo battery pack is here to make your life easier. Small but powerful, the LightingBolt is sure to make your art better.

  • With a lightweight design, friendly user-interface and an ergonomic design, the LightingBolt was made with the artist in mind.

  • The LightingBolt tattoo battery pack was made to help captivate your art effortlessly.

  • Available in Single Pack and Double Pack LightningBolt Battery.


  • Immerse yourself in art with a wireless tattoo battery pack that turns your tattoo machine wireless

  • Connect to Bluetooth and pair with the DarkLab mobile app to enable a host of features and receive firmware updates. Features include changing voltage through voice

  • Ideal for rotary and coil tattoo machines

  • Battery can last up to 10 hours with only 1.5 hours of charge time

  • Charge your battery pack in any USB-C port, including your car, airport, or laptop. Perfect for the traveling tattoo artist or when you attend a tradeshow

  • Software and hardware work seamlessly together to provide you the best experience

  • Operates from 5 volts to a maximum of 12 volts

  • Only 3 buttons that allow you to check the battery, enable Bluetooth, increase and decrease the voltage, check battery life and turn off/on

  • LED color indicator lights allow you to monitor your voltage and battery life

  • The best things come in small, powerful packages, LightingBolt weights only 58g (2 oz)