Brand: FK Irons

Product Code: MA-RM-HOVR-PS

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Hover Touchless Tattoo Power Supply

  • Embrace the wireless revolution with a touchless tattoo power supply. With just a hover you can change your voltage, cycle through menu screens, and set a timer. Without ever touching the device, you can prevent cross-contamination and reduce the need for different devices.

  • The Hover makes your life easier with its functional round design including a screen at the center, and to top it off , Bluetooth capabilities.

  • This allows connectivity to the Dark Lab app which allows you to check tattoo duration time, change voltage using voice command, receive latest firmware updates, and more

  • Equipped with two input ports, you can connect two machines at the same time, perfect for the artists that use different tattoo machines in one sitting.

  • If you need to stop mid tattoo, the Hover remembers the voltage you left off at, with the bank management system, you are able to save up to 9 different programmable banks.

  • These banks are perfect to set voltages for different stages of the tattoo such as lining, coloring and shading, saving you time!

  • With USB-A and USB-C ports, charge mobile devices such as tablets, cellphones and Darklab battery packs. The Hover makes travel easy for those artists that are always on the go or attending trade shows.


  • Ergonomic, easy to usetouch free power supply

  • Prevent cross-contamination

  • Increase and decrease voltage through air gestures

  • Bluetooth compatibility allows you to connect with the Dark Lab mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS

  • Darklab mobile app allows you to change voltage through voice, check tattoo time, and receive firmware updates

  • 9 programmable banks to save desired voltage, you can revisit them at any time

  • 2 input ports allow you to connect two different tattoo machines, perfect for artists that use multiple devices

  • Footswitch compatible

  • USB charging ports that can charge cellphones, tablets and DarkLab power supplies

  • 2 17 Voltage Output, depends on type of needle used

  • Machine voltage readout

  • Anti-slip magnetic base

  • Set a timer on the screen to keep track of time