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  • Tattoo artist Rich Pineda packs his stunning portraits with the colorful warmth of life.

  • Using a saturated palette of flesh hues, his dramatic approach to color and light pushes the boundaries of portrait realism.

  • Pineda worked with Eternal Ink tocreate the Flesh to Deathsignature series ink set.

  • Together they created these 12 striking hues: the delicateFair Maiden, the nine tones of flesh from the lighterCream & Sugarthru to saturated Renaissanceand ending with three deep, dark tones.

  • Eternal tattoo ink is manufactured in the USA.

  • These are bright and used by Tattoo Artists Worldwide.

  • Eternal colors are one of the best in Tattoo Industry.

  • Eternal 12 Rich Pineda's Flesh to Death Ink Set Includes:

    • Fair Maiden

    • Cream & Sugar

    • Weathered Leather

    • Flesh to Death

    • Whiskey Barrel

    • Aged Parchment

    • Plush Blush

    • Moulin Rouge

    • Renaissance

    • Dirty Scarlet

    • Bruised Ego

    • Caffeine Rush