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  • Eternal tattoo ink is manufactured in the USA.

  • These are bright and used by Tattoo Artists Worldwide.

  • Eternal colors are one of the best in Tattoo Industry.

  • After Marshall Bennett experimented with Motor City Blackbird ink, he suggested adopting the Blackbird pigment for his gray wash set.

  • Together Eternal Ink and Marshall reworked his set. We are taking this set back to the essentials and simplifying the values, said Marshall Bennett.

  • The new gray wash set uses the Blackbird ink pigment and is divided into 4 stepped values of black: a 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% value. With just 4 value steps and very distinct 20% value breaks, this is a highly efficient gray wash set.

  • Eternal NEW Marshall Bennett Gray Wash Ink Set contains following colors below:-

    • Marshall Bennett 20% Gray Wash

    • Marshall Bennett 40% Gray Wash

    • Marshall Bennett 60% Gray Wash

    • Marshall Bennett 80% Gray Wash