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  • Jess Yen’s tattoo art blends elements of realism and materialism into one fluid image.
  • Eternal Ink worked with Master Yen to produce 22 stunning ink hues that capture the intensity and majesty of oriental tattoo art.
  • Each color has been formulated for traditional and tebori tattoo styles.
  • The Jess Yen ink set includes one bottle of Keep It Wet.
  • Eternal tattoo ink is manufactured in the USA.
  • These are bright and used by Tattoo Artists Worldwide.
  • Eternal colors are one of the best in Tattoo Industry.
  • All bottles are 2 oz.
  • Eternal 23 Jess Yen Tattoo Ink Set Includes:
    • Ninja Black
    • Lantern Yellow
    • Buddha Gold
    • Chrysanthemum Orange
    • Incense Brown
    • Rising Red
    • Daruma Red
    • Tibetan Red
    • Silk White
    • Momo Peach
    • Sakura Pink
    • Geisha Pink
    • Lotus Tip
    • Peony Purple
    • Indigo Dye
    • Han Purple
    • Imperial Jade
    • Green Dragon
    • Fuji Blue
    • Immovable Light
    • Immovable Medium
    • Immovable Dark
    • Keep It Wet