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  • TheAndrea Afferni Portrait Setis an essential set of subtle flesh tones designed to simplify this challenge.

  • Added to an existing ink palette, these 10 inks provide an ideal foundation for portraits, figures, and pin-ups.

  • The skin tones will help soften transitions from light to shadowed flesh without losing the vitality of life in your art.

  • The Andrea Afferni Portrait Set is mixed to Eternal Ink's impeccable standard of ink consistency and color-match excellence.

  • Eternal tattoo ink is manufactured in the USA.

  • These are bright and used by Tattoo Artists Worldwide.

  • Eternal colors are one of the best in Tattoo Industry.

  • Eternal 10Andrea Afferni Portrait Ink Set Includes:

    • Natural Fawn

    • Bright Fawn

    • Sandy Beige

    • Warm Beige

    • Pale Mauve

    • Dusky Mauve

    • Light Chestnut

    • Medium Chestnut

    • Dark Chestnut

    • Triple Black