Brand: Dragonfly

Product Code: MA-RM-IM-DRG-X2-DB

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  • New Swiss X2 motor. Exclusive for the X2 models. Hi-performance motor with 6W mechanical output.
  • High energy efficiency (86%). Optimal for battery operation with the RPS-600.
  • Runs all type of standard and cartridge needles*.
  • Adjustable stroke lengths. Choose between three stroke lengths. 2.6mm, 3.7mm and 4.5mm with the same eccenter.
  • Loosen one screw and twist the eccenter pin for the desired stroke length.
  • Easy to convert between standard and cartridge needles.
  • When using cartridges the Stay up spring must be removed to prevent strain on the motor and to function properly.
  • The X2 version has a lid in the frame that allows quick access to the Stay up spring.
  • Easy to remove and insert when choosing between standard and cartridge needles.
  • More stable give adjustment. New Cap with built in damper prevents clatter and excessive noise when using the softer give settings.
  • Allows to use the whole 3 turns adjustment efficiently and without clatter.
  • Higher precision and finish. The X2 models have several improvements regarding component materials and precision.
  • Available in Demonic Blue, Crazy Lime, Deep Purple, Seductive Pink, Evil Black, Devilish Red Color Machines.
  • Color may vary.