Brand: Cheyenne

Product Code: PU-PS-CH-FS

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  • The Cheyenne Foot switch provides tattoo artists with the stability needed during the tattoo procedure.
  • This round pedal has a thin flexible 6.5 ft  cable with a cinch plug designed for use exclusively with the Cheyenne Hawk PU series power supplies.
  • It has 360° control so it can be operated from all sides, and its sturdy springs allow artists to rest their feet without unintentionally activating the switch.
  • A special 3M rubber nonskid pad helps keep the foot switch stable during use. This foot switch is certified Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment.
  • Features:- 
    • Weight:  245 g ( 1/2 lbs)
    • 360° control – can be operated from all sides
    • 6.5’ connection cable with cinch plug
    • 3M rubber nonskid base 
    • Manufactured in Germany