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Box of 6 Disposable Ergo Round Grip by Cheyenne Hawk Compatible with the Hawk Pen

  • The Cheyenne Ergo Round Grip for the Cheyenne Hawk Pen is ergonomically designed to ensure the most comfortable and successful tattooing procedures.

  • This sturdy rounded grip sits on the end of the Hawk Pen and does not spin along the tube, allowing for accurate and precise tattooing.

  • Cheyenne Hawk offers three sizes of disposable grips for the Cheyenne Hawk Pen.

  • This listing is for the Cheyenne Hawk Round Ergo Grip sold as a box of six.

  • We also offer the Ergo One Inch Grips and Ergo Long Grips.


  • Color: Black

  • Middle-sized Ergo grip

  • Compatible with Cheyenne Hawk Pen

  • Doesnt slide along the tube

  • Ergonomic, rounded design

  • Manufactured in Germany