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S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Paper - Thermofax Printer, Impact Printer and Freehand

S8 RED Stencil Paper is the worlds first impact and thermal ready red colored tattooing stencil paper. Tattoo artists have intuitively known that red is the ideal stenciling color for light skin tones thanks to the fact that red provides greatest degree of visual separation when black-lining. The FD&C and D&C approved red colorants are safe for all skin types and provide easy lining for tattoo artists. Combine Red Tattoo Stencil Paper with other S8 products, such as the Red Tattooing Gel and Red Tattoo Stencil Transfer Solution, for impeccable results and optimal longevity.

This listing is for S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Paper

Key Features:

  • World's first red colored tattooing stencil paper
  • Red color ideal for lining
  • FD&C and D&C approved red colorants that are safe and approved for use on all skin types
  • Thermal and impact ready
  • Solid long lasting stencils
  • Works with all S8 RED products
  • Made in USA, Vegan
  • S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Paper comes in Pack of 10, Pack of 20, Pack of 25, Pack of 100.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: S8
  • Color: White
  • Package Qty: Pack of 10, Pack of 20, Pack of 25, Pack of 100
  • Product Type: Stencil Paper


  • Discard inner tissue.
  • Images can be drawn onto the paper or thermally burned using a S8 Stencil Printer or thermal (3M) stencil maker.
  • Depending upon how the paper is imaged, the yellow backing sheet may be removed.
  • Once a stencil is created, transfer it onto the skin using S8 Stencil Transfer Gel.