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Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine  - Fantom Tattoo Machine in Black

Bishop Fantom Tattoo Machine is proud to present the Fantom, a revolutionary machine that is most remarkable for its optimal balance and lightweight construction. Bishop Fantom Tattoo Machine wonderfully made tattoo machine weighs an astonishing 1.7 ounces. It is perfectly balanced upright, which gives you the overall feel of weightlessness. The balance and weight of this machine will allow an artist to perform tattoos for hours and hours with no wrist pain or cramping.

Please Note: Bishop Rotary Fantom Tattoo Machine machine does NOT require lubrication. The Fantom Grip is sold separately.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 1.7 ounces — Light as a paintbrush
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Cartridge machine
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Made in usa
  • No lubrication required
  • 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Recommended voltage between 8 -10 v
  • Custom made high-end proprietary Medical grade motor
  • Comes with plunger bars for all size grips (Including ALL click grips on the market)
  • Fantom Rotary Tattoo Machine comes in two strokes 3.5mm and 4.2mm.

All machines come with a One Year Limited Warranty, a case, and RCA cord. The One Year Warranty is voided if you: 

  • Lube your machine 
  • Drop your machine (on the floor or in liquid) 
  • Tamper with the motor 
  • Replace parts on your own