Brand: World Famous

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Set of Four 1 oz. Bottles of Lining and Shading Ink by World Famous Tattoo Ink

  • Offering high quality inks to some of the most renowned tattoo artists for over 50 years, World Famous Ink presents this superb set of lining and shading inks.
  • The set is comprised of four 1 oz. bottles of ink, including Outlining Black, Dark Greywash, Mid-Tone Greywash, and Charcoal Greywash.
  • Each crystal-flex ink bottle comes equipped with a permanently adhered label, a twistable cap for convenient pouring, and a clutch cap complete with a safety seal between the bottle and the inner flow tube.
  • This reliable set of standard ink comes in a plastic box complete with a flashy insert boasting the World Famous Tattoo Ink brand name.


  • Lining and shading ink
  • Crystal-flex bottles
  • Twistable caps
  • Clutch caps with safety seals
  • The Darkest Side of Tattooing.
  • Worlds best in quality Tattoo Ink.
  • EU Approved and Vegan Friendly.
  • All bottles are in 1 Oz.

World Famous Lining and Shading Tattoo Ink Set Incudes:

  • Outlining
  • Dark Greywash
  • Midtone Greywash
  • Charcoal Greywash