Brand: Tattoo Goo

Product Code: AC-AC-TG-TAKIT

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  • Get everything you need to help heal your tattoo and keep it looking as good as the day you got it.
  • This Kit includes:
  • Tattoo Goo Salve 3/4 oz:

    • Provides a protective barrier that aids in healing.

  • Tattoo Goo Renew SPF 30+ 2 oz:

    • Natural Olive Oil formula has SPF 30+ to rejuvenate skin, bring out the color and protect your ink.

  • Tattoo Goo Lotion 2 oz:

    • With Healix Gold and Panthenol, this light lotion prevents scabbing and speeds the healing process.

  • Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap 2 oz:

    • Get broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antibacterial protection in a gentle, pH balanced formula.