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  • Stencil Stuff

    Stencil Stuff is a cream lotion that has been laboratory formulated and tested to be non-toxic and safe for most skins.

  • Stencil Stuff makes the Tattoo Spirit transfer crisper, cleaner and sharper than using all other traditional methods and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination.

  • Stencil Stuff eliminates the need to bloodline or gray line. It also works exceptionally well if outlining is needed or desired.

  • Great for travel.

  • No harsh chemicals.


  • 100% Non-toxic and vegan friendly.

  • You will receive 1 Bottle of Authentic Stencil Stuff Solution as shown (4 oz or 8 oz you choose the size).

    Stencil Stuff Instructions

  • Pour small amount of Stencil Stuff solution into gloved hand, spreading evenly over prepared area until surface is damp but not wet.
  • Apply stencil art to surface, holding 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Remove stencil and allow to set approximately 8 to 10 minutes...area is now ready.

    While working on tattoo

  • Work from the bottom up, occasionally wiping away excess tattoo ink. Avoid excessiven wiping.

    Stencil Stuff Ingredients

  • Aqua , aloe leaf , propylene glycol , sodium stearate