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  • The Stealth Rotary Tattoo Machine is one of the best tattoo machine in the industry today.

  • This machine is CNC'd from a single block of Air Craft Aluminum.

  • The high performance electric motor spins up to 5000 RPM, and is practically silent.

  • This set you receive all 3 different bearing size, which will allow you to change how far your machine swings out the needle.

  • These bearings allow you to change the swing length to 3mm, 4mm, or 4.5mm.

  • Everyone preference is different that is why we have so many size. With this set you can try all 3 and see which one fits you.

  • Stealth is great for lining, but people love it for its shading.

  • The Stealth uses a high performance Electric which has the power to push in those larger needles and penetrate any skin type, because the machine is powered by a electric motor it will never skip or stutter like a conventional coil machine.

  • This Stealth is consistent and will work the same every time.

  • Once you get familiar with your machine it will be like a hot knife through butter.

  • The Stealth machine speed is also fully adjustable and easy speed control.

  • The only maintenance that the Stealth requires is tightening and lubricating.

  • The bearing will need to be tighten and lubricated every month or so.

  • There is no time wasted adjusting your machine like on a standard coil machine.

  • The Stealth is a consistent machine that will work the same time after time.

  • Bearing life is 1-2 Years and Motor like is 2-3 Years.

  • Connection Type: Clip Cord

  • Stealth Rotary Tattoo Machine Set Includes:

    • StealthLite or Stealth rotary tattoo machine (3mm All Purpose)

    • 4mm Stealth Bearing (Shading)

    • 2mm Stealth Bearing (Lining)

    • 2pcs stealth allen key set