Brand: Stealth

Product Code: MA-RM-STL-ALU-SET-RD-3

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Out of stock

Stealth 3.0 Aluminum Rotary Tattoo Machine Set

The Stealth 3.0 Rotary Tattoo Machine is one of the best tattoo machine in the industry today. The new release of 3rd generation design, we offer a new variety of colors and free flow design. This machine is CNC'd from a single block of Air Craft Aluminium, then hard grinded for the final finished. The Stealth 3.0 Rotary Machine with a 3.6mm Swing Cam Bearing on it, and also includes a 3.2mm & 4 Cam Bearing also. The reason you get 2 additional bearings, is to see which swing length works for you. Not everyone has the same preference, and we give you the tools to change it.

Stealth Aluminum Rotary Tattoo Machine is available in 4 different colors - Red, Black, Grey, Blue

Key Features:

  • Liner or Shader - Adjustable with Cams Bearings (Included)
  • The machine slide has a needle clip, so you no longer need a rubber band to keep your needle down
  • Machine Connection - RCA & Clip Cord Connection
  • Motor Info and Max RPM - Japanese Matsu X3 Motor & 7,000 Maximum RPM
  • Warranty - 1 year warranty
  • Made in USA

Technical Specifications:

  • Machine Type - Rotary Machine
  • Brand - Stealth (3rd Generation)
  • Frame Material - CNC'd from Aircraft Aluminum
  • Weight - 4.2 oz

Stealth 3.0 Box Set Includes:-

  • Stealth 3.0 withMachine 3mm
  • Machine case
  • 3.2mm cam bearing
  • 3.6mm cam bearing (installed on machine)
  • 4mm cam bearing
  • Allen Keys