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  • The Stealth 2.0 Rotary Tattoo Machine is one of the best tattoo machine in the industry today.
  • The new release of 2nd generation design, we offer a new variety of colors and free flow design.
  • This machine is CNC'd from a single block of Air Craft Aluminium, then hard grinded for the final finished.
  • This set you receive all 3 different bearing size, which will allow you to change how far your machine swings out the needle.
  • These bearings allow you to change the swing length to 3mm, 4mm, or 4.5mm.
  • Everyone preference is different that is why we have so many size. With this set you can try all 3 and see which one fits you.
  • 2 Connection Type: Clip Cord & RCA
  • Features:- 
    • Liner or Shader - Both Multi-Purpose
    • Machine Type - Rotary Machine 
    • Brand - Stealth® (2nd Generation) 
    • Frame Material - CNC'd from Aircraft Aluminum 
    • Motor Info and Max RPM - Japanese Motor & 7,000 Maximum RPM 
    • Machine Connection - RCA & Clip Cord Connection. 
    • Weight - 3.6 oz 
  • Stealth 2.0 Box Set Includes:-
    • Stealth 2.0 with Machine 3mm
    • Machine Case
    • 4mm Bearing
    • 4.5mm Bearing
    • Allen Keys