Brand: Skin Companion

Product Code: ACS-SS-MP-SC-TT-ORG

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  • Twin Tip Marking Pen with don't dry Ink Tips formula, Best of both worlds!! Two unique marker tips in one.
  • Dry fast on Skin.
  • Provide Real Tattoo Look and Feel (Not the Airbrush Paint Look).
  • Used for Permanent Tattoo Stencil Marking.
  • Great for piercers, tattooist, and body modification artists.
  • Gentle on Skin Even Kids can apply and can be used on Face.
  • Great German Quality, Don't Buy Poor Quality Pen sold else where.
  • Each Pen is double tipped with a fine tip for outlining and medium tip on other side for shading and filing the Colors.
  • Slender Design for easy grip.
  • Both Tips are Anti Clog, Provides fine lines and shading as needed. It can be even used with Tattoo Stencils. Color does not spread and bleed.
  • Stays on the body for almost a week even if with gentle use of soap and water.
  • Can be easily removed with Alcohol Swab or Nail Paint Removers.