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  • Dermasoft designed these colors based on extensive market analysis and feedback received from various Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Enthusiasts.

  • Many of the colors are designed keeping in mind different skin tones These do very well on all different types of skin tones (various shades of Black, Brown and White).

  • Each color blends very well with other colors.

  • Wait is over, get tattooed with these color and let your tattoo pop!!

  • All bottles are 1 oz in the set.

  • Skin Companion Tattoo Ink set Includes Colors:

    • Dark Dionysus, Themis Red

    • Chimaera Breathing Red, Pisces Ruby

    • Sicilian Scylla Red, Virgo Pink

    • Gemini Orange, Phoebus Apollo Orange

    • Tropical Orange, Stromkarls Orange

    • Mnemosyne Pink, Opera Mauve Pink

    • Burnt Cancer Orange, Taurus Gold

    • Golden Jason, Golden Undines

    • Leo Brave Yellow, Hyperion Soft Yellow

    • Forest Pan Green, Ivy Green

    • Proteus Variegated, Iduna Light Green

    • Prometheus Green, Bragi Light Peach

    • Old Navy Blue, Poseidon Blue

    • Uranus Azure, Oceanus Light Blue

    • Lorelei Reef Blue, Aegir White

    • Medusa Dark Purple, Pandora Purple

    • Scorpio Purple, Athena Purple

    • Purple Asteria, Aries White

    • Sagittarius Brown, Gaea Earth

    • Libra Skin Tone, Aphrodite Light Skin

    • Einmyria Grey, Greywash Dark

    • Greywash Medium, Greywash Light

    • Brown Capricorn, Z Black