Brand: s8Tattoo

Product Code: ACS-SS-SP-S8-SP-BTRY

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  • These lightweight, compact, battery-powered* printers help artists easily connect to laptopsor handheld devices almost anywhere. Rather than spending countless amounts of time drawingstencils by hand or using old and unreliable thermal machines, the new S8 Stencil Printer can print aclean, 300 dpi stencil in seconds.

  • This allows the S8 StencilPrinter to actively manage heat settings as your artwork is printed on to either S8 Thermal or SpiritThermal paper.

  • By changing the way your printer handles heavy contrast zones and dense spaces,the new S8 Stencil Printer has nearly eliminated common paper jamming, increased consistency ofcolorant in dark areas, and improved gradient printing abilities on every print! Digital stencil printinghas become easier and faster!

  • The optional Li-Ion, rechargeable,S8 Stencil Printer Battery easily installs in to the bottom of any S8 Stencil Printer to allow for up to 600 prints per charge!

  • Integrated design does not increase the size of the printer.

  • Small, compact design easily fits in your travel bag or carry-on.

  • Allows for portable, on-the-go-printing.

  • Up to 600 prints per charge.

  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 1750 mAh capacity.

  • Compatibility

    • Works with all S8 Stencil Printer models.