Brand: Dermasoft

Product Code: PIR-PT-SPF-PF-SLT-6

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  • The Pennington Standard Forceps 6" long High grade stainless steel without slot. 11mm flat end.

  • Pennington Slotted Forcep 6" long High grade Surgical steel. 10mm flat end.

  • This triangular-jaw forcep is the most commonly used tool in piercing.

  • Pennington Standard Forcep Non Slotted is perfect for navels, nipples etc.

  • Pennington Slotted Forcep is perfect for navels, nipples etc.

  • Slotted opening clears needles up to 8 gauge.

  • Triangle Measurements: 6mm Inner Diameter at the top, 11mm Length of Triangle, 4mm Opening at the Slot