Brand: Micky Sharpz

Product Code: MA-CM-MS-HRNT

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Out of stock

Hornet (Cast Iron Frame) Tattoo Machine by Micky Sharpz

designed to be versatile and efficient made from cast iron and enhanced with brass fittings. This little beauty runs like a dream and is at its best under pressure. Puts colour in smoothly and shades with ease, also does a neat job of lining.

Micky Sharpz Iron Hornet Tattoo Machine designed, developed and manufactured by Micky Sharpz.

Key Features:

  • Hand-crafted in England
  • Elegantly designed for perfection with superior built.
  • Light construction
  • High resolution coils with clear covers, and the maxi-grip quick change device
  • Each machine is individually numbered.
  • It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Beware of imitations!

Technical Specifications:

  • Frame: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 260gr. Approx
  • Color: Black
  • Section: Coil Tattoo Machines