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  • Inkjet Tattoo Stencil Ink - 4oz

    InkJet Stencils is a patented methyl violet formula by Tatu You that prints high resolution images on single ply paper for tattoo stencils.
  • High resolution stencils printed on single ply paper for less than half the cost per page of other stencil paper products.
  • 4 oz of InkJet Stencils makes between 3000 stencils. That comes out to 10 cents a stencil.
  • Realism and portrait artists will save hours eliminating the need to hand draw stencils. Shop owners will improve their bottom line by lower cost per stencil page and improved efficiency of all artists.
  • The image you send to the printer from your wireless device or computer becomes the stencil.
  • Use your photo editor to modify the contrast and density of the image up to 5,000 dpi.
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Lower Cost on Stencils
  • Higher quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Note: Do not power up the printer until you have filled the ink tanks.