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Inkjet Tattoo Stencil Refill Kit - Tracing Paper, Stencil Prep Spray & Ink and Tatu Derm Roll

Inkjet Tattoo Stencil Refill Kit is perfect for profressional tattoo artist. For tattoo artists that work with stencils on a daily basis, this stencil refill kit is your savior. This kit includes everything necessary to make durable, mess-proof stencils in the thousands.

Inkjet Stencil Prep Spray 8oz: These 8-ounce spray bottles of Stencil-Prep solution are designed specifically to lock in tattoo stencils when applied methyl violet stencils. The spray changes the pH of the skin, and when applied as instructed on the bottle results in the methyl violet in the stencil to dye the skin, making smudging a thing of the past.

InkJet Stencil Tracing Paper: Multipurpose tracing parchment paper is the answer to convenient, easy and carbon-free stencil making. A4 sized stenciling paper is ideal for tattoo stencils and other artists alike. Perfect in combination with InkJet Stencil Ink and compatible with Epson Ecotanks, this paper was manufactured with tattoo artists in mind.

Inkjet Tattoo Stencil Ink 4oz: InkJet Stencils is a patented methyl violet formula by Tatu You that prints high resolution images on single ply paper for tattoo stencils. High resolution stencils printed on single ply paper for less than half the cost per page of other stencil paper products. 4 oz of InkJet Stencils makes between 3000 stencils. That comes out to 10 cents a stencil.

Tatu-Derm Aftercare Roll 6" X 180': Tatu-derm is FDA registered product, patented, manufactured and sterilized in the USA. Tatu-derm is manufactured by TatuYou. Tatu-derm uses the theory of moist wound management which allows the skin cells to migrate without interruption of infection or abrasion, resulting in an improved tattoo experience. It should be applied within one hour of completing the new tattoo Moisture from the open skin prevents the adhesive from sticking to the new tattoo.

This listing is for Inkjet Stencil Refill Tattoo Kit.

This Inkjet Tattoo Stencil Refill Kit includes:

  • 1 X InkJet Pacon Tracing Stencil Paper, 8.5" X 11", 500 Sheets per Ream
  • 1 X InkJet Stencil Prep Spray Bottle 8oz
  • 1 X InkJet Stencil Ink 4oz
  • 1 X Tatu-Derm Roll 6" x 180'