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Inkjet Stencil Deluxe Tattoo Kit - Tracing Paper, Stencil Prep Spray & Ink and Tatu Derm Roll and Sheet  

  • For tattoo artists that work with stencils on a daily basis, this stencil refill kit is your savior. This kit includes everything necessary to make durable, mess-proof stencils in the thousands. 
  • 500 sheets of multipurpose Pacon tracing parchment paper, carbon free and designed for easy stencil making.The paper is A4 (8.5 x 11) and is ideal for tattoo stencils. The paper is also the perfect pairing with Inkjet stencil ink. 
  • 8 Ounce Spray Bottle of Stencil Prep Solution to Lock Stencils in and Eliminate the Chance of Them Rubbing Off 
  • The kit comes with a 4-ounce bottle of the Inkjet stencil ink that is great as a refill for Epson Ecotanks (two bottles is recommended to fill an empty Ecotank). The ink bottle comes with a red tipped Boston round cap. 
  • 4 ounces of ink is known to print about 3000 stencils and lasts twice as long (costing half the price per printed page) compared to traditional carbon stencil paper. 
  • This Inkjet Tattoo Stencil Refill Kit includes: 
    • InkJet Pacon Tracing Stencil Paper, 8.5" X 11", 500 Sheets per Ream X 1 
    • InkJet Stencil Prep Spray Bottle - 8oz X 1 
    • InkJet Stencil Ink - 4oz X 1 
    • Tatu-Derm Roll - 6" x 42" X 1
    • Tatu-Derm Sheet - 6" x 42"  Patch X 1