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Bellar Tattoo Machine - Silver

  • Microbeau International is proud to introduce the Bellar. Expertly designed in conjunction with artists and engineers to create the perfect synergy of form and functionality.
  • Crafted from medical grade components, and assembled and tested one at a time by our expert in-house technicians to ensure flawless performance.
  • Its slim and light design, weighing only 2.36 oz (67g), allows a comfortable grip regardless of the procedures length.
  • The Bellars precise performance make it the ideal device for artists who aim for the best possible results.
  • Microbeau International pioneers advancements that cater to the most competitive solutions, by creating new standards and shaping the evolution of the micropigmentation industry.
  • Powerful compact MotorBolt system specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation.
  • Precise stroke length of 2.1mm for accurate PMU techniques.
  • Adjustable autoclavable grip to regulate needle depth, plus disposable grip option.
  • Needle depth adjustment from 0 - 4mm.
  • Ideal for hairstrokes, eyeliner, whip shading, scalp micropigmentation, and the creation of beauty!
  • Includes Mini DC connector cable for optimal connectivity performance.
  • Available in Bellar Black, Rose Gold, Red Bottom, and Silver Tattoo Machine