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  • Introducing the Laconia Tattoo Machine from Eikon - A fresh look at an old idea.
  • On close inspection you'll notice that the Eikon Laconia Tattoo machines are different.
  • You'll see that the coils don't mount parallel to the spring mount, the base plate they mount to is actually angled downward away from the spring mount.
  • Next, the armature bar is installed with no bend on the back spring, but the bar still clears the back coil on its down swing.
  • Finally, the armature bars trajectory begins almost parallel to the spring mount, then travels down and away to connect with the front coil core.
  • These differences are intentional.
  • The subtle geometry modifications allow for the Laconia to be tuned easily with out having to bend the back spring.
  • All Laconia tattoo machines are manufactured and assembled in Canada.
  • Eikon machine parts including: Crown Standard 8 wrap Coils, Conventional Armature Bars, Conventional Springs, Binding Posts, Capacitors and RCA Connection.
  • The cast 1025 steel frame is blackened to protect against corrosion.
  • They feature brass binding posts and uses 1 1/4" Crown Standard coils.
  • The cast silicone bronze frame is left naked so it will age with time.
  • It features blackened steel binding posts and uses 1" Crown Standard coils installed on a 1/4" yoke.
  • We've tuned the Laconia tattoo machines to operate on a wide range of voltages in order to accommodate for a variety of skin types, tattooing styles and needle configurations.
  • Shading machine operate around 130 CPS and 45% duty using a medium weight conventional armature bar unloaded.
  • Available in Silicone Bronze and Steel Shading Tattoo Machine.
  • Note: Speed and Duty Cycle readings stated are approximate and are provided as a guide for selecting the correct machine for the job.