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ES500 Tattoo Power Supply with Mounting Plate and Footswitch by Eikon

  • The Eikon ES500 Tattoo Power Supply empowers you, the artist, so you can put your artistic vision at the forefront of your focus. The ES500 is built to last, meet your demands, and make your job easier.

  • This power supplys powder-coated aluminum housing is resistant to drops, bumps, and other accidents but rest assured, such mishaps are rare, given this power supply comes with a magnetic sticky foot base that latches itself to any surface, including metal.

  • Additionally, this supply has a tactile membrane interface which allows you to cover it with a machine bag and still operate at 100%. Plus, its resistant to harsh chemicals and sanitizers.

  • Dont be fooled by the Eikon ES500s compact size. This little powerhouse has all the versatile necessities that make tattooing as efficient as it can be and meet even the choosiest artists demands.

  • With valued features like dual machine ports, a variety of presets, and wireless operation, your setup and tattooing experience is totally configurable to your liking.Charge up your smart devices, easily check on your tablet for color reference, and enjoy a traditional tattoo setup or a dual machine procedure it's up to you!

  • All the while, make your life as an artist easier and enjoy 360 degree rotational abilities on the OLED white display screen; this means you can adjust the orientation and route your cables any which way based on your workstation and personal setup.

  • You can also enjoy up to 6 customized voltage presets. Needless to say, this power supply is adjustable to meet the needs of you, your studio, and your working style.

  • The Eikon ES500 comes with a mounting plate + screws, a power adapter, a North American cord set, and a Quick Start Guide card.

  • A powder-coated steel mounting plate and matching hardware are included with every ES500 Power Supply.

  • Use the mounting plate on your favorite GoPro mount, stand, or attach it to your workstation.

  • Built to Eikons high standard of clean, consistent power, the ES500 is designed to work with traditional coil machines and rotary machines.

  • ES500 Power supply ensures your machine will always run at peak performance.

  • Designed and manufactured in Canada by Eikon.


  • 360 Adjustable Display:Rotate the ES500 LED display and route your cables in any direction, for the best experience wherever and however you work.

  • Dual Machine Ports:Eliminate downtime when switching between machines with different cord styles, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)Switch:Easily and wirelessly integrate this handy (foot)switch into your tattoo process. Replaces a traditional footswitch while freeing up a port for a second machine. (included)

  • 2 USB Charging Ports:Allow you to charge your essential devices and save space on your workstation. Power a reference tablet or small LED lights, and charge your phone or wireless headphones.

  • Magnetic Base and Sticky Foot:Grips firmly to any surface and locks tight to metal workstations so you can set it, and forget it.

  • 6 Voltage Presets per Channel:Lets you quickly access and adjust the voltages you use most. Presets ensure consistent performance and ease of use.

  • Jumpstart Mode:Gives an extra 0.5V jumpstart any time you engage your footswitch to kickstart machines pushing larger mags, without having to adjust your voltage.

  • Tactile Membrane Interface. Cover it. Bag it. Wipe it Down. The ES500 interface membrane is responsive even when covered with a protective barrier, and durable enough to withstand harsh cleaners.

  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Enclosure:Resists drops, hard knocks, bangs, and spills. The ES500 is built to last, and can endure the thorough cleaning process required by tattooing.

  • Global Travel-Ready:Additional international cordsets are available, so the ES500 can go wherever your travels take you. It works with both 110V and 120V, right out of the box.

  • 2-Year Standard Eikon Warranty(same quality, same service, double the warranty)