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Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen Tattoo Machine

The new, reliable and durable BLDC motors work in steady mode - guarantee for constant power and stitch frequency in all situations. SOL Nova allows operating frequencies down to 25 Hz, which is perfect for dot work and pepper shading techniques. The very short construction form makes this tattoo pen well balanced and less tail heavy and therefore well suited for tattoo artists with smaller hands.

The Sol Nova is compatible with a variety of grips, sleeves, and cartridge needles. Given its sleek design, it is effortless to cover and protect. Try it out with the Cheyenne Disposable Ergo Grips and Cheyenne Safety or Craft Cartridges. Pairing Cheyenne needle cartridges with their own revolutionary machine offers a performance that wil not disappoint!

Artists favor this machine for its pen-like, ergonomic design, similar to the Hawk Pen.

Key Features:

  • Durable and robust machine
  • Made in Germany
  • Perfect balance with its center of gravity at the front
  • The machine operates between 25 and 150 hertz
  • Low frequency with 25 hertz, ideal for dot workers and color realists
  • 3.5 mm stroke, great for lines as well as gentle shades
  • A powerful machine that's very gentle on the skin
  • Smooth, soft, and quiet operation
  • Compatible with Safety and Craft Cartridges for a harmonized performance
  • Easy to cover (Sleeve and Disposable Grip Ergo Round suffice)

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 4,7-12.6 V DC
  • Power Input: 3 W
  • Stitch frequency: 25 -160 Hz
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Connection: 3.5 mm Jack connector
  • Drive: Brushless DC motor
  • Operating Mode: Continuous operation
  • Dimensions (Ã X L): 33 x 102 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 150 g