Brand: Bishop

Product Code: MA-RM-BSP-MGBS

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  • This machine hands down gets tattooing done up to 30% faster due to consistent punctures per second as well as healing 30% faster.
  • Rotaries are best to train the brain to remember the feel of the machine.
  • It's more natural and a better way to learn rotaries.
  • Gold Magi Features:-
    • Cartridge Machine
    • Aircraft Aluminum
    • Precision Maxon Motor with dual ball bearings
    • RCA Connection
    • Made in the USA
    • 1 Year Warranty on all parts
    • Limited Edition Machine
    • Only 4000 Matte Black Versions and 1000 Gold Versions
    • 71mm Plunger Bar to use with disposable grips
    • 80mm plunger bar for use with Click Grips
    • Run the machine between 6 – 8.5 volts depending on your hand speed and style