Brand: Dermasoft

Product Code: PIR-PT-PK-PPK-8P

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  • All piercing tools are made of high quality medical grade Stainless Steel construction.

  • These tools to be easily autoclaved or sterlized and will never rust.

  • This professional case will hold all your tools plus your business card reassuring your customers they are in a professional enviroment.

  • Professional piercing instruments kit contains commenly use tools for piercing purposes.

  • Professional Piercing Instruments Kit Contains:

    • Oval Slated Forceps

    • Triangular Slated Forceps

    • Mini Pennington Forceps

    • Hemostats Forceps

    • Ring Closer Pliers 5"

    • Ring Opening Pliers 7"

    • Ring Expander Pliers

    • Triangular Jaw Pennington Tweezers with Lock