Brand: Precision Medical

Product Code: AC-MS-EC-PL-TC

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Out of stock
  • Reduce cross-contamination in your tattoo or piercing studio by using these Precision Dental Bibs during your next procedure.
  • These dentals bibs are 13" x 18" and come in a case of 200.  
  • They can also be used as lap cloths or a table cover to place your supplies on while piercing or tattooing.  
  • These multi-purpose dental bibs are a must have for your studio.


    • Reduce cross-contamination and keep surfaces clean
    • High quality dental bibs, great for tattoo and piercing work area preparation
    • Ideal for armrest, tables, tattoo chairs, and surfaces
    • Can easily be tucked inside a shirt
    • 3-ply fluid proof design, containing 2 ply paper & 1 ply polyethylene
    • Quantity: 200 dental bibs
    • Size: 13" x 18"