Brand: Eikon

Product Code: PU-PS-EKN-ES300

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Eikon Device - ES300 Power Supply

Introducing the ES300 power supply, the smallest, most compact supply. Eikon produced for powering coil and rotary tattoo machines. The same smooth, stable power, contemporary look-and-feel and high-end finishing like EMS420 Power Supply. In addition, the ES300 boasts an LED Visual Voltage Indicator and 2 on-the-fly switchable footswitch modes. The ES300 has a forward sloping faceplate design that puts the large control knob in the perfect location and angle for quick and easy adjustments, while taking up very little of your valuable work space.

Key Features:

  • Precision CNC'd from aircraft aluminium

  • Smooth, Clean and Consistant Power

  • 6 Led voltage meter bars

  • Cable routed out the back

  • 2 Footswitch mode: Easily switch from mementary to maintained mode

  • Low profile and small physical size

  • Gumshoe sticky foot base stays securly planted!

  • The ES300 is a globetrotter

  • Designed and manufactured in canada