Brand: Eikon

Product Code: PU-PS-EKN-ES300

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Out of stock
  • This little power supply combines some of the best features of an Eikon power supply in a compact, easy-to-travel-with package.
  • Designed and manufactured by Eikon in Canada.
  • Delivers the same smooth, stable Eikon power as the EMS400 in a much small package.
  • 36 Watts of power, Compatible with rotary and coil machines.
  • Visual voltage indicator using six "Voltage Meter Bars" on the faceplate.
  • Oversized, divotted aluminum control knob for easy adjustments and mode changes.
  • Easily switch between two footswitch modes: Momentary and Maintained.
  • Rear jacks keep cords out of your way and your workspace uncluttered.
  • Eikon's "Sticky Foot" base ensures the ES300 stays securely planted on your workspace.
  • Takes up 52% less space than the EMS400 when traveling.
  • Smaller adapter and cord to reduce overall size.
  • Sleep mode to prevent excess power draw when not in use.
  • Use it worldwide with the appropriate ES300 accessory cordset (sold separately).